Babinsa, Together with Related Agencies, Conduct a Survey of the Collapsed SDN 14 Location

ekspostborneonews. Online /// Due to heavy rainfall in the last few days, the building of SDN 14 Mendawai, Palangka Village, Jekan Raya District, Palangka Raya City, Central Kalimantan, collapsed.

Various assumptions or opinions arise from several parties. There are natural factors, the lack of calculations of development not evaluating the condition of the soil or because, during the construction, the technical process was not under the specifications.

For this reason, Babinsa Koramil 1016-01 Pahandut Sertu Sunardi together with Bhabinkamtibmas as territorial officials checked and reviewed locations in Palangka Village, Jekan Raya District, Palangka Raya City, (12/1/2022).

SDN 14 Building Collapses, Babinsa Palangka Together With Related Agencies Conduct Site Reviews.

Sergeant Sunardi said, "According to residents reports, the bottom pole of the building was broken. This building is located on low land, and it caused three classrooms, three toilets and the school archive warehouse to collapse. So we will make sure to check directly here," said Babinsa.

By checking directly at the location, Babinsa added, the estimated damage can be seen so that later repairs can be immediately submitted to the school through the source of funds from school revitalization from the APBN. 

Meanwhile, Ade Saputra Jaya (30), as a guard at SDN 14, said that he could not confirm the cause of the collapse of the building. According to estimates, the building did not last too long.

"This elementary school building was last rehabilitated in 2016/2017, with funding sources from school revitalization from the state budget". Meanwhile, SDN 14 students are still being held together. For school hours, the plan is to take turns using the existing school facilities," said Ade.

Ade hopes that the government will immediately make repairs so that the damage does not widen, especially during heavy rains.

"Hopefully it will be fixed soon, so it doesn't spread any further. This needs special attention from the government," he said.

reporter. : Titin, Septy end Boy

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