The public is wary of fraud by telephone; The Head of Public Relations, Central Kalimantan Police.

ekspostborneonews.online /// Polda Kalteng – The Regional Police of Central Kalimantan asked the public to be aware of fraud by telephone with the mode of child accidents.

The Head of Central Kalimantan Police, Inspector General Pol. Drs. Nanang Avianto, M.Sc. through the Head public relations police great commission K. Eko Saputro, S.H., M.H. when confirmed, related to public reports regarding fraud attempts experienced by four residents in Palangka Raya City, Wednesday (12/1/22).

The head of public relations said the mode of fraud was telling the victim's family that a student, an elementary school student, had an accident due to falling from the stairs or the school bathroom and had bleeding in the brain behind him. Hence, he needed serious treatment at the hospital.

"With this alibi, the perpetrator asked the victim's family to immediately send some money to pay the cost of the equipment so the hospital quickly can handle the child, He added.

According to the head of public relations, the fraudsters took advantage of the sadness and panic by controlling the psychology of the victim's family to facilitate their actions. Fraudsters also tend to provide convoluted information accompanied by pressure in carrying out their actions.

"In this regard, I appeal to the public to always be vigilant and not to believe easily. Especially if you get a call from an unknown number," He appealed.

"Do a cross-check first for any information related to the fraud mode in the name of the family. If in doubt, you can immediately come to the nearest Police Station to ask about this information," said the head of public relations of the regional police.

(Septy end Hadiboy)

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